Victoria Princewill

Victoria Princewill FRSA is a historical fiction novelist, drawn to uncover and centre untold stories from the overwritten, and the erased, to those that time forgot. Her first novel, IN THE PALACE OF FLOWERS, set in 19th century Iran, explores the inner lives of enslaved, prized Abyssinians serving in the Qajar royal court of Iran in 1895, as they pursue lives of meaning at the height of political turmoil. It was released globally in June 2021. Her next novel will be Young Adult fiction, the first of a two-book deal with Scholastic, to explore, again through historical fiction, the precocious inner lives of young African royalty, teenage girls who truly lived, but whose stories we have yet to centre.

Born and raised in the UK, Victoria is of Kalabari ancestry & west African (Nigerian) descent. Educated at Oxford and UCL, she holds an MA Oxon in Literature, a Masters in Philosophy and is working towards another graduate degree in Neuroscience at King’s College London.

A lifelong learner, her stints at Accenture, the Financial Times, the WPP & Demos, taught her about a breadth of industries from finance to fashion to think tanks -- and about what she did not enjoy.

Writing for the Guardian, the LRB, n+1, BBC, and more, crystallised what she did. Which began with writing to interrogate the human condition, so we might grow to recognise the depth of others, and in doing so understand ourselves.

In her spare time she tutors low-income & chronically ill secondary school students.

She is represented by Pontas Agency