Victoria Princewill, FRSA

A Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufacturing & Commerce, she is a freelance strategic consultant. Formerly a management consultant at Accenture, she focused on capital markets and retail banking, working with top tier international banks, and later, overseeing the implementation of trading platform software & the divestment of large financial assets.

She is currently a freelance strategic consultant, focusing on the human infrastructure of corporations and communities.

As a historical fiction novelist, studying for an MSc/PhD in Neuroscience, with advanced degrees in philosophy and literature, from Oxford, UCL & now King’s, she brings her scientific background, together with her insights as a researcher, and author, exploring the human condition, to deliver a rigorous framework for how to create empowering work environments and creative communities that embed inclusion.

Victoria relies on her scientific research & her expertise as a novelist to deliver tailored frameworks for corporations. Through studying the brain, storytelling across multiple fiction genres & researching the nuances of untold histories, Victoria’s insights into human behaviour, empirically validated by data, provide a robust framework for institutes across industries trying to adapt to a changing world.