In The Palace of Flowers
by Victoria Princewill

“Through beautiful prose the hugely gifted Victoria Princewill transports us to another time and world, telling a story which has one wholly absorbed. Love, danger, politics, history and art, In The Palace of Flowers is a sweepingly stunning tale that has it all.” – Samira Salwani, Journalist.

“Jamila and Abimelech, two Abyssinian slaves in the Shah’s palace in 19thcentury Persia, appear better-off than most in their station: they can read and debate the classic and popular literature of their time; they can even dream of being socially mobile. And yet, beneath the surrounding grandeur and opulence, they both brim with deep longing for something different – to be remembered or to exist beyond the palace and its petty squabbles. A book that is both decadent and intimate, In The Palace of Flowers opened up a part of history I knew nothing about and will stay with me for a very long time.” – Ayesha Harruna Attah, Author Hundred Wells of Salaga and Deep Blue Between

“Highly accomplished, In the Palace of Flowers is a magnificent novel about the fear of being forgotten”, said the publisher. “It has all the ingredients of the best historical fiction: power struggles, scandal, sex, ambition, secrets and betrayal, and it explores inequality and oppression with insight and subtlety. In this debut, Victoria Princewill shines a light on an area of history about which many readers will know little in a way that feels fresh and grand, yet contemporary.” by Natasha Onwuemezi,

“Transporting us flawlessly to another time and world, this tells the story of two Abyssinian slaves as they navigate the politics, mysteries and drama of the royal court in Iran in the 1890s.” – The Continent w Mail and Guardian